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Did you know?

Welcome to this unique destination in Latin America with its rich history and a variety of landscapes- beautiful lagoons, infinite dunes, and tropical jungles.
You can travel throughout Peru for one week but you might fall in love and stay there for months! The destination that travelers “get stuck” in the most is Cusco.
How much time do you need for your tip in Peru? What’s the cost of such a trip? What are the best hostels and hotels?
The answers to these questions and more in this guide to Peru

When to go

The Dry Seasons starts in April and ends in October/November. This is the wintertime in Peru but you can feel it more in Cusco and Huaraz and less in the southern areas (like in Huacachina). The Wet Seasons begins in November/December and ends in March. During this season many treks are closed in cities like Cusco and Huaraz. These are months in general butttt it’s important to note that you can still travel Peru during the months before and after the dry season.

Top Things To Do

Visit the natural pools of Millpu

Visit Machu Picchu

Hike to the lagoons of Ausangate

Sand board the dunes of Huacachina

Hike the rainbow mountain or

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