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Best Vegan Shakshuka in Israel

Shakshuka is probably the Israelis dish and the vegan version doesn’t disappoint!

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Shakshuka is basically cooked tomatoes with onion and garlic and topped with sunny side eggs. Some add peppers, different herbs. But that’s the gist of it.

1.Anastasia, Tel Aviv

There’s a general consensus, I believe that Anastasia has the best vegan shakshuka. The key factor that makes this shakshuka the best is probably the fact that they have a yellow “egg” like balls on top of the delicious tomatoes.

Anastasia has much more to offer, and you can read more about its other items in my guide to vegan restaurants in Israel.

2. Mitz Marak, Jerusalem, Giva’atayim

Not far behind you will find Mitz Marak (“Juice Soup” in Hebrew, I know the name is awful). Mitz Marak, in my opinion, is the star of Israeli Breakfasts as you can see in my list of Best Vegan Breakfast in Israel.

Mitz Marak’s vegan shakshouka is served with their fresh Tahini and peppers paste and of course their amazing homemade sourdough bread.

 3. Goodness, TLV

Goodness is the place for comfort food and American-style dishes. Their specialties are burgers but recently they developed the most amazing egg imitation. I love their sunny side up egg with a burger or as part of a shakshuka dish. You can even add hot dogs if you’re into it!


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4. Cafe Joe

This restaurant is great for those of you that want to have vegan shakshuka in a non-vegan restaurant. Cafe Joe can be found in many cities in Israel so that’s another plus.

Now, the most important part is that while Cafe Joe is non exclusively Vegan they do an amazing job with their version of Vegan Shakshooka!

Their “egg” is legumes so you get some protein in your dish and you can choose a small salad on the side. Their bread (in most branches) is made in their pizza oven so it’s absolutely divine!

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