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Italy Vegan Travel Guide

When in Rome, eat eat and eat! And if your vegan, eat even more.

Vegans in Italy? here are some things you need to know:

  • Here are the vegan dishes that can be found at almost every restaurant- pasta al pomodoro or pizza marinara (no cheese). You can also find bruschetta with tomato (like the ones in Spain) or with artichokes. In many authentic restaurants, you will find white beans as a side dish (I loveeeed it).
  • Pasta: many kinds of pasta have egg in them. Most times it would say egg pasta so all I had to do is ask for the type of pasta that doesn’t have eggs in it. They will most likely have a one or two types without it.

  • Icecream- many gelaterias have vegan options, sorbet of course, but some have more “creamy” one as well.
  • I’m not sure why, but Rome has plenty of vegan croissants everywhere! So don’t hesitate to go to non-vegan coffee shops and have a look.

Vegan restaurants in Rome

Rifugio Romano‏

Went there twice. loved it. nothing else to add.

As if I can finish with that. Here’s what I have to say about this amazing little restaurant.

The place is full of vegan and vegan-friendly people. I believe it’s due to its’ easily readable menu in English. We waited for about 30 minutes the second time we went there, so take it into consideration (don’t wait till you’re starving).

Both times I was there I had their vegan lasagna. What can I say? I love it. Also, I didn’t have vegan lasagna in other places so I had to have it as many times possible.

I also had their croquettes- fried balls with spinach or other veggies inside. It was a huge ball compared to the Spanish croquettes and only costs 2 euros. On another occasion, I had their arancini (balls of rice) that were also excellent.

They also had a large variety of vegan pizzas, pasta, ravioli, gnocchi and some middle eastern appetizers like hummus and falafel.

And the desserttttt! talk about tiramisu! It didn’t have coffee on top but cocoa powder so it was perfect for someone like me who hates coffee. This is not the tiramisu some of you might know with the large biscuits but I later found out that in many restaurants in Italy that’s the tiramisu they serve- with dark skinny biscuits and cream.

I also had their cream and biscuits with berry sauce and it was great and not too sweet.

All in all, this place is an absolute must when in Rome.


We made it to Ops. by coincidence and I’m so happy we did.

When we got there they had their dinner buffet open so it was the perfect opportunity for me to try as many Italian dishes as I can. You pay by weight so be careful since it can be quite pricey.

They have so many options. From all the Italian dishes you can dream of to other middle eastern dishes and salads. the food is upscale and modern.

In the front of the restaurant, they have their desserts. I got their delicious pistachio cheesecake to go and enjoyed it in my room. They had other amazing desserts but I was just too full by then.

Make sure you check their website to see their hours and when they have a buffet or a la carte.


Vitaliy food

A small coffee shop next to Termini station that amazing croissants (plain or filled with chocolate) and some other pastries. They also have natural juices they make on the spot and hot beverages.

It’s the perfect place to grab a quick breakfast.

Tropical Ice

While you’re at Ops. you have another option for dessert- an ice cream place about 5 minutes away that has great flavors and vegan whipped cream. I had their pistachio and melon ice cream and just loved it!

Il Margutta veggie food & art‏

After missing the weekend brunch in Berlin I had to make it in Rome. We found a great place on Happy Cow that was close to the touristic attractions we wanted to see that day- the Spanish steps, Borghese Villa, and Via del Corso.

The place is completely vegetarian and had great vegan options as far as the food (less so when it comes to dessert- only 2).

Gelarmony Arte Del Gelato Sicilian

This gelato place is located around the Vatican area and is famous for its ice cream in brioche. They have a whole area that is completely vegan and a vegan brioche in which they serve the ice cream. The bread wasn’t amazing so I would recommend going for the ice cream in a cone. With so many flavors you can’t go wrong.

Mama Angela

Located next to termini station (and next to the Yello Hostel bar) this restaurant had the best pasta I’ve had in Italy. The dishes there are upscale but the prices are completely affordable. The restaurant is not vegan so the waiter just told me which pasta was with no eggs and made it al pomodero for me. I highly recommend it.

Vegan restaurants in Firenze

Shake cafe

One of the best breakfast places I’ve been to in Italy. They have all the fresh ingredients and all my favorite breakfast items. From acaçi bowl (perfect at any time of the day), vegan croissant with chocolate or plain, Banana bread that I took to go, great juices and smoothies as well as hot beverages.

They have 3 locations in Firenze and we stayed next to the one that was more of a to-go place.

Universo Vegano

This place is strictly vegan as the name suggests. I enjoyed their plate of cheese and meets that was made especially for me. since they didn’t have enough variations of meets or cheese they just mixed it for me. It was perfect.

They have burgers, wraps and more.

The one thing I really wanted to try was their deserts, especially the tiramisu, but didn’t have enough time or room in my stomach.


I left my friend in order to go check out this famous place and was a bit disappointed at first. Just like many other vegetarian places, they have vegan options but they’re really basic. Avocado toast, pasta with tomato sauce etc. I was waiting to try vegan ravioli or lasagna but they just had the staples.

Still, the food was of great quality and the best thing was you could try 3 different dishes, cold, cooked and baked, on one plate. I had one of their pasta with an original sauce that was great, avocado toast, and baked sweet potato. Make sure you get their an hour before the close because while it says they close in a certain time the kitchen actually closes an hour before.

Ice cream in Firenze

Firenze is the place where my map had the most ice cream shops with vegan options marked on it. At almost every turn you will have a gelateria and most of them would have amazing vegan options. I had hazelnut, passion fruit, chocolate, watermelon and some more I can’t even remember.

Lago di Garda/ Sirmione

Gelateria Mirkoz

In Sirmione, the main touristic village in Garda Lake you will find those Instagramable icecreams taht come in a huge cone. Yes, you will never finish it but, it was good.

This huge gelateria was right in front of the place where we had lunch but I didn’t even notice it until a vegan friend that heard I was there texted me I have to try it. I rushed back to get me one of those yummy ice creams.

For the rest of my time in Garda, I just enjoyed pasta Pomodoro.

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