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Wyndham Berlin Excelsior- Hotel Review

Looking for a hotel in Berlin with an ideal location? Great customer service? Wyndham Berlin Excelsior is the hotel for you.

Booking a hotel is a chore for me since I do so much research beforehand. Traveling to Berlin for just 5 days meant walking around all day long, doing a lot of shopping, and having to try every German dish (and vegan restaurants) in a short period of time. So the place where I rest and recharge has to be perfect!

After reading so many reviews, comparing prices in several sites, I decided to book Wyndham Berlin Excelsior. When I informed them I’m a travel blogger they upgraded me to the executive floor which was just what I needed on this trip!

After spending 5 days in this beautiful hotel, the bottom line of my review is that the Wyndham Berlin Excelsior is excellent for solo travelers, shopaholics, families and for those traveling on business, thanks to its location and amazing customer service!

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When you choose a hotel in Berlin it’s all about location, location, location. Berlin doesn’t actually have a “center” but several main neighborhoods (Alexanderplatz, Ku’dam, Mitte and more).

I used to think that Alexanderplatz is the center but most touristic attractions are found between Alexanderplatz and Ku’dam so you would need to take a train wherever you go. I chose to stay around the Ku’dam area because Alexanderplatz is more sleepy during the evenings than Kudam in which there are more dining options.

Wyndham’s location has several benefits.

First of all, it’s only a 4-minutes walk from the Zoologischer Garten station. From this station, you can easily get to Alexanderplatz, Postdam and all the touristic attractions Berlin has to offer.

The second benefit is the proximity to the shopping street- Kurfürstendamm or Ku’dam. Recently a brand new Primark opened up a block from the hotel. Apart from the famous Primark, you can find Zara, h&m, Superdry etc. and some high-end stores like Prada and Chanel.

I needed a hotel close to the shopping center so that I can shop early without having to struggle through the crowds in stores located in Alexanderplatz. Plus- when I have 2 hugePrimarkk bags I can easily come back to the hotel put my things down and continue to explore the city bags free!

Next to the hotel you will also find a big supermarket, a cute food fair, and some food chains like Walk to Wok.

The one dish you have to try in Berlin (and in Germany as a whole) is currywurst! luckily the famous Currywurst 36 stand is only a couple of blocks from the hotel, at the entrance to the Zoologischer Garten. For more on food in Berlin click here.

vegan berlin

So, after you did your shopping and walked throughout the city you will be exhausted, trust me, so you’ll need a hotel that provides you with the best rest so can charge up towards the next day.

Facilities and Rooms:

Immidetly when you enter the hotel you can have some fruit water and approach one of the receptionists that will assist your with you to check in. The process was quick and the workers spoke several languages which makes things much easier for those who don’t speak English that well.

The hotel lobby is wide and full of comfy couches where you can chill and rest.

As far as where you’re going to sleep- Wyndham Berlin Excelsior offers soundproof rooms which were crucial in my choice of this hotel! Often times you want to stay in the center but then you are forced to wake up to the sound of traffic and people. The Ku’dam area is busy like Alexanderplatz but the street the hotel is located on is very quiet.

I stayed in 2 rooms during this trip ( I had 2 booking and forgot to mention it so I only received my upgrade for the second part of my stay. Both rooms were spacious especially compared to European hotels. The style was modern and slick and each room had the most amazing artwork (forget about those old paintings in conventional European hotels).

The room included the usual- teapot (a must for me), a mini bar and some other basics. In the second room on the executive floor, I even had a coffee machine.

The best thing in the rooms was the shower. Listen up girls, they have shower heads you can take off so you wouldn’t have to use a shower cap or get your hair wet! Some guys might not get it, but that’s the best thing ever!

In the room on the executive floor, I also had an amazing balcony overlooking the city! it was quite the treat!


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Costumer service

The best thing as far as I’m concerned was the customer service. When the receptionist realized I forgot to mention I had another booking they did everything they could to upgrade me to the executive floor as fast as they can.

Then, when I switched rooms I totally forgot the artisanal vegan cheese I bought in the vegan festival. I was out for the day so I called the hotel and they were extremely helpful and took the food I forgot and moved it to my new room!

When I had to check out and leave to the airport at dawn, the receptionist was extremely helpful and explained to me the different options of getting there and printed out all the information.

Throughout my stay, the staff at Wyndham Berlin Excelsior went above and beyond to make sure I was pleased.

To book this hotel click here.

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