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Vegan Restaurants in Israel

Israel has so many vegan restaurants it might be overwhelming. Here's what you need to know about the vegan scene in Israel.

Apart from the vegan restaurants, I will review below, you can also find many vegan products in the supermarkets. Don’t speak Hebrew? Don’t know which product to choose? Here’s a list that will clarify some things.

For the Best Vegan Products in Israel click here.

Looking for vegan restaurants or restaurants that have vegan options? Many places have vegan dishes that are not marked as vegan but if you in order to make your life easier, all you need to do is look for the “vegan-friendly” sticker. In order to receive the “vegan-friendly” certificate restaurants should follow some strict guidelines and have a large variety of vegan dishes (including a vegan dessert).  For a list of restaurant that was authorized by “Vegan-Friendly” company click here.

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In this list, I will include strictly vegan restaurants as well as ones with vegan options:

Strictly Vegan restaurants:

  • Urban Shaman- Plant based

It was love at first sight with this amazing coffee shop that has the healthiest yet yummiest dishes!

Urban Shaman has a strictly vegan menu with gluten free dishes. Their menu is seasonal and keeps changing.

  • Bana: Plant-Based

Bana is a plant-based restaurant and just like other plant-based places their food is all about the staples, sophisticated but not pretentious. they take the basics and create delicious beautiful dishes.
This is a place that nonvegan would love, especially those that do not like meat imitations or substitutes.
Their menu includes creative salads such as Taste Cucumbers with Avocado, (yes they’re called taste cucumbers and I’ve spent a whole day in the market looking for them). they have other appetizers such as yellow cherry tomato gazpacho and their homemade sourdough bread with tahini and roasted tomatoes.
as for the main dish, you can choose from dishes like roasted pumpkin with black beans and greens inside, Tai style salad, cauliflower and more.
I’ve had two of their deserts. one is small vanilla ice cream cube with chocolate coating. this one was only OK, the best one was the part that was cooked in wine over cream. It was delicious!
Price: $

  • Anastasia-Light and Diverse

This bright restaurant is perfect for breakfast or lunch. It definitely has the best vegan breakfast in Israel- from vegan shakshuka to humus flour complete or my favorite- tofu scramble with spinach.
They also have an amazing cheese platter. yes, you heard it. all the best vegan cheese Israeli brands have to offer in one plate. it’s served with roughly chopped veggies and some side dressing.
their lunch is also amazing with a variety of tasty dishes that are light.
Price: $

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  • Mitz Marak- for the smoothies, soops and vegan breakfast

Mitz Marak literally means “juice soup: in Hebrew… the name is not appealing, I know, but the food is amazing! If whole foods is what you’re looking for this is the place for you.
Their soups are amazing and you can get a taste of each soup they make.
Their smoothies are fresh and of course, they have açai bowls and chia pudding.
but I will honestly say my two favorite dishes is the tuna sandwich and their vegan Shakshouka. They are on my list of best vegan breakfast in Israel and best vegan shakshuka.
Price: $

  • 416- Upscale restaurant with vegan “meat”

If you have a special event, birthdays, anniversaries or if you like me and just love good vegan food 416 is the place for you. This upscale restaurant is completely vegan and run by twin brothers and a great staff that make sure your experience there, will be nothing short of amazing.
The place has a unique variety of appetizers and entrees and a large variety of meat substitutes. It’s because of the “vegan meat” I eat here that I’m never satisfied with other restaurants abroad. I’m not a fan of meat even before my days as a vegan, but I find myself ordering meat-like dishes every time I’m there. My absolute favorite is their steak (They have 2!). this seitan dish is served on a frizzling pan accompanied with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and potatoes, bonfire style. Another one of my favorites was the Indian style pumpkin and their vegan “shawarma”
They also have some unique appetizers like Arancini balls (Italian rice balls) and Labane (an Arab light cream that is absolutely a must in Israel).
Their dishes are quite large so I would recommend sharing.
Their menu changes so these items might not be available but you cannot go wrong with whatever dish you will order.
Price: $

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  • Goodness- Comfort food

Goodness reminds me of an American restaurant with a great variety of comfort food.  the have several burgers, one even has pineapple in it and some are double meat and double bread. This milkshakes go perfectly with these type of dishes.
on the other side, they have amazing Israeli dishes such as Kube. This typical Israeli dish originated in Kurdistan is a take on meatballs with beats or Hamusta soup.
The best thing about Goodness is their desserts that will make you say “oh my goodness”. They have the famous chocolate ball that melts when you pour hot chocolate on it. it’s a gimmick but one that tastes so good.

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  • Alegria- casual and simply good

Alegria is a small shop with some dining spots outside. in the store, you can find some amazing homemade cheeses and cakes. the restaurant offers sandwiches like my favorite eggsalad sandwich and salads.

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Vegan-Friendly Restaurants:

  • Market Dizengoff  – seasonal menu

This amazing spot changes its menu according to what’s available in the seasons which means your food is fresh and yummy! They have home-style cooked dishes as well as sandwiches and salads!

You have to try their authentic hand made Moroccan Cuscus dish or their Pad Thai salad.

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Food chains with vegan options:

  • Cafe Landwer- new menu with amazing options

Landver is a great cafe and they renewed their menu with so many amazing vegan dishes!

I’ve had their rice and “meatballs” dish that was well seasoned and filing.

But the absolute best is probably their dessert- Rosalach which is a caramel-filled pastry that’s absolutely delicious! It’s a bit pricy but it’s a big dish that you would definitely share or take home.

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  • Joe’s cafe

Joe’s cafe is a great restaurant that is conveniently located in several places throughout Israel so if you are exploring the country and can’t find any vegan restaurants or don’t have the time to do so, just hop on to one of Joe’s Cafes next to you. They have several vegan options, my favorites are their vegan shakshuka and homefries salad (huge dish).

  • Aroma- Israeli Starbucks only better

    you will learn about Aroma pretty quick since it’s everywhere. you could say it’s the equivalent to Starbucks but unlike Starbucks Aroma is much more than coffee.  they have the most amazing salads, and I’m talking about salads in the Israeli sense of the words- amounts of veggies! they offer breakfasts and sandwiches. some are vegan (like their humus complete) and some can be veganized (like the avocado and egg sandwich- just ask for no egg).

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For more, see this list of chains with vegan options.

Icecream shops:

  • Vanigllia-

They have the most amazing lotus creamy ice cream and so many more options! This is a must-try when is Israel. They have branches in several cities.

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Nothing is more memorable than a taste of a favorite Ice Cream 😍🍦

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  • Siciliana

Another great ice cream place that will make you question it’s vegan! and lucky for me, they just opened a branch beneath my house!

**This list is constantly updated so stay tuned for more places! If you know of a good place that’s not on the list please comment below and I try it out and add it!

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