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Most Instagramable Places in Israel

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Sometimes it’s all about the Gram… but when it comes to Israel the amazing places you see on Instagram are worth more than just a pic.

From Golan Heights in the North to the Negev area in the south of the country you will find the most photogenic beaches, desert views, green hills, historical sites, and more.

Don’t worry I rate all the spots for their Instagram vs. visit value (⭐ is the highest score) that will tell you if it’s worth getting there just for the picture or also for the place itself.

Here’s the complete list of the most instagramble place in my home country!

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know if you’re coming for a visit!

South of Israel

The south of Israel, aka, the Negev will provide you with amazing desert shots!

The most southern point of Israel is the city of Eilat and next to it you can find several national parks and be surrounded by beige and red shades of Eilat’s Mountains.

  • Red Canyon


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The Red Canyon is far from the center of Israel so I would only go there if I spend the night somewhere and then hike the next day in the area. Those red walls of the southern mountains are absolutely stunning.

While you’re there you might as well go to Eilat for some snorkeling.

Instagram vs visit value⭐  It’s beautiful but just so farrrrr

In this section, I will also include any location souther of Jerusalem, like the Dead Sea, Beit Govrin Caves, and the Arches Pool.

For a complete guide about the Red Canyon check out Her Tales of Visuals post here.

  • Tree of Life


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Meet the tree of life! A sign of life in the middle of the dead sea!

This unique spot will provide you with epic shots, especially if you have a done, but in order to get to it, you will have to float/swim in the thick salt waters of the dead sea. Trust me it’s not as easy…Once you get to the small salt island you will probably b exhausted and dehydrated but don’t count on the white ground as your resting spot because it’s pretty rough and hurts to stand/sit on.

Still these days this spot is not a hidden gem like it used to be and you will see many people swim to it. So, if you’re up for the challenge you will have to get there super early, bring a waterproof bag for your equipment, and water!

Location: in front of Herodes hotel  about 1.5 from Jerusalem

  • Dead Sea


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Yes, this is not a mistake the dead sea is listed twice. It’s just so beautiful it deserves 2 mentions!

Just kidding, I mention the dead sea twice because while the tree of life is located in the hotels area of the dead sea, there are beaches closer to the capital that is not quite the same.

You can visit the dead sea in Biankini or Kalia beach,

Location: 30 minutes south of Jerusalem

What’s the difference and where should I go?

  • location– the tree of life is almost 2 hours from Jerusalem and the closest access to the dead sea is about a short 3- minute drive from Jerusalem
  • price– The tree of life is located in front of the Herodes hotel so there’s free access to the beach whereas the entrance to Kalia of Biankini costs about 40-60 shekels (look up for discounts and don’t forget student ID)
  • Salt and Mud– when you go the dead sea you want to get covered with the black mud that’s rich in minerals. Nature’s best cosmetic product. In Biankini and Kalia mud is on the ground so you can just put it all over you. In HeroesHerdoes hotel you don’t have mud around you but can buy a bag of it for 20 NIS (about 6$)
  • General Instagrambility– the dead sea in the hotels area is definitely the one you saw in those dreamy pictures of baby blue waters and white salty ground. The beaches in the area well maintained. The beach strips in Biankini and Kalia are much neglected and quite nasty (I still go there all the time). The waters are more on the dark green shade and you won’t find any white salt.

Check out Her Tales of Visuals guide to the Dead Sea

  • Ein Avdat

Ein Avdat national park has beautiful desert views and small pools you can reach after walking a fairly easy trail (suitable for kids and families). The whole area is stunning and worth to spend a night in a camping site in the area (I recommend The Silent Arrow)

Location: south of Israel, a 2 hours drive from Tel Aviv. It’s located in the area of Mitzpe Ramon and Sde Boker so I highly recommend incorporating those sites in your trip

Entrance: about 30 shekels.

Instagram vs visit value⭐⭐ you can reach this small pool relatively quickly but if you want you can continue hiking and exploring so it’s the perfect hiking trip. 


Beit Govrin Caves are definitely on my list of Top Things to do in Israel and is definitely one of the most instagramble places.

This national park is a UNESCO heritage site and includes the ruins of the biblical town of Merasha (an important town from the period of the first temple), different caves from the Roman times, St. Ana church and a viewpoint looking over green mountain and valleys.

The visit + taking epic pics will take about 3 hours so it’s the perfect half-day trip. I recommend visiting the place with a car or getting there by car and taking bikes.

Please note that this is a national park and so drones are not allowed. For more about Beit Govrin Caves click here.

Location: south of Jerusalem, it’s about an hour drive from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv (about 50 km).

Entrance: about 30 shekels.

Instagram vs visit value ⭐ This place is so rich in history the visit is totally worth it regardless of the pics!

The Arches Pool- Ramle


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This pool is about 1300 years old! You heard it right.

This place used to function as an underground water reservoir and survived earthquakes that destroyed many parts of the city of Ramle, where it’s located.

The pool is quite small and has 3 aisles in which you can navigate your little boat. Photographers use it as a location for wedding shoots.

Location: Ramle, about 30 minutes from Jerusalem.

Entrance: 20-30 NIS

Instagram vs visit valueApart from a few pics and the impressive history there’s not much to do there and in the city of Ramle.

Sunflowers fields– Hulda


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Walking down a new road! So for all of you wondering, I had to open a new Instagram account so I just changed my personal Instagram to my business one. I did it because I felt the algorithm was blocking me for no reason and after growing in a normal pace for the first few months in the last year I haven’t grown at all (even thought my content was only getting better) So… I decided to take this little experiment as a last resort…. ============================= I know it will take time to grow and appreciate all of your support! This was a very difficult move to do but hopefully it would pay off! ???? @hertalesofvisuals ???? Edited with @aggie presets- have any questions? DM me! #shadowbanned #instagramsucks #instagramproblems #sunflowerseason #ihavethisthingwithflowers #visitisrael

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As a kid, my favorite color was yellow so my attraction to these flowers, and well anyone’s, is pretty obvious.

They literally look like nature’s smiley emojis right?

Lucky for you these fields are blooming for almost a month since mid-May till mid-June and sometimes more…

Location: We went to the one at the entrance to Hulda (at the left-hand side of the entrance gate) but here are a few other locations: Bror Hail (on the way from Sderot), Negba intersection (going towards Ashkelon), Kochav Michael village (before the entrance).

Entrance: Free

Instagram vs visit value The visit to this field would probably be just for the gram since that’s nothing to do in Hulda (apart from visiting the Vinery there) but you can always stop there on the way to Jerusalem/Tel Aviv.


Jerusalem and the area

The abandoned plane


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Only in Israel- an abandoned such beautiful plane…

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This abandoned dutch plane in the middle of the forest is just too surreal. Literally, it looks like a film set. You can actually go inside the plane and take some pics there but we didn’t see the point of it. Plus it was super hot we were satisfied with some drone shots.

Location:  Yaar Hameginim aka Yaar Hamatos (the plane forest).

How to get there: The forest is next to Beit Shemesh, right about the middle between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Instagram vs visit value⭐ The plane is easy to get to by car and you actually park it a few meters from it. The shots are super interesting especially if you manage to climb to its top. 

St. George’s Monastery


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Perched on the sides of Wadi Kelt valley is this Orthodox Greek monastery.

Location:  Ein Karem neighborhood, Jerusalem.

How to get there: From Highway 1 (between Ma’aleh Adumim and the Dead Sea), turn at the junction towards Mitzpeh Yericho (slightly east of the Good Samaritan Khan). Continue and instead turn right to the settlement, turn left after signs to Wadi Kelt and the monastery. After about 100 meters the road reaches the T junction, which turns right. Continue on the winding road about 5 minutes drive, stopping at the first observation point near a large cross. Park and climb up to a spectacular view of the monastery and water.

Instagram vs visit valueThe view of this monastery is spectacular but you would need a car to get there. Once you’re done admiring the view you could just continue to Jerusalem so the proximity is definitely a plus.

For the best photo guide to Jerusalem check out Her Tales of Visuals guide here.

Tel Aviv area



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Check out the amazing graffiti art of Tel Aviv in my new post! Link in the Bio! #urban_israel #charmander_ii271118 #livetlv #SugaRushIsrael

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Graffiti would make an amazing photoshoot location and Florentine is full of those.

Florentin is the Brooklyn of Tel Aviv- an up and coming neighborhood with hipster vibes and is improving every day with new buildings and parks.

The street art in Florentin is the best testament to the true character of this neighborhood. some graffiti is all over the walls and some small drawing is hiding in the corners or on the top of buildings. I wouldn’t even notice some of these paintings if the guide, Adi, hadn’t pointed them out to me.

I highly recommend going on a tour with Adi Siri from LocalTourisTlv and check out all these cool locations. For more about a graffiti tour click here.

Instagram vs visit valueI’ve done graffiti tours in so many cities I just love hearing about the stories behind the art. But many graffiti are not so instagramble so if you go there it’s more for the stories and less for the pics. So I think 3 stars is sufficient.

Tel Aviv Beaches

Any beach strip in Tel Aviv is instagrmable as far as I’m concerned. The beaches are not isolated and there are no palm trees in the back butttt the people in the back playing Matkot, surfing, tanning just create a colorful vivid background.

Instagram vs visit value⭐⭐⭐ 4 because you’re going to visit the beach as it is but took one off because I just love some coconut/palm trees in my background.

That Lifeguard Cabana


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This colorful lifeguard cabana adds color to any beach shot you will take!

Location: Bograshov Beach, in front of the Renaissance hotel

Instagram vs visit value⭐⭐⭐⭐why does this simple location get 5 stars? because of youre already at the beach! And now you got a great shot that includes more than just sand!

Fruit stands


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Here’s to a colorful summer filled with sunny days, exploring new places and lots of ???????????????????? ???? What are you most looking forward to this summer? ???? Had the best time doing this photoshoot for @yanga_fashion with @or.zano (????) at the shuk in Yafo. In case you’ve missed our stories, check out my highlights for a tour of the shuk and behind the scenes ♡ ???? #summeriscoming #bohogirl #bohostyle #neverstopexploring #livecolorfully #gltlove #thediscoverer #theculturetrip #thecolorsofisrael #travelstoke #doyoutravel #wearetravelgirls #sidewalkerdaily #sheisnotlost #wetravelgirls #bohofashion #beautifulmatters #passionpassport #thatsdarling #prettylittleinspo #tlv #israel

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Fruits stands are everywhere in TLV so make sure to get yourself a smoothie and take a pic!

Location: The Karmel Market, corner of Dizengoff St and Ben Gurion and any other spot in this city.

Instagram vs visit value⭐⭐⭐⭐because fruits are giving me life and the joy it brings us makes every picture shine!

The abandoned Ship

An hour away from Tel Aviv you will arrive at the Habonim beach you’ll find this cinematic shipwreck resting on the beach. The water is absolutely beautiful and transparent and you can even set up a tent there and camp. 

Habonim is the national reserve and you can go to the official beach and pay around 22 NIS per person. Butttt if you want to go to the “undeclared” beach just turn right before you get to the national reserve entrance and drive in the dusty road that’s parallel to the train tracks. 

You will see other cars in an improvised parking spot and then it’s a 2-minute walk to the beach.

Couldn’t find the beach? Get to the official beach entrance and ask the receptionist how to get to the shipwreck. 

Location: Hanobim beach. חוף הבונים. 

Instagram vs visit value⭐⭐⭐⭐because it’s easy to get to by car and the water is amazing!



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Caesarea was built by Herodes about 2000 years ago and today is an affluent city.

If you visit the area it might include a visit to the national park or just the beach and the arches.

Location: about an hour drive from Tel Aviv

Instagram vs. visit value⭐ because it’s nice and the history is impressive but apart from spending 10 minutes there and hearing about it there’s not much to do.

For more photo locations in Tel Aviv check out Her Tales of Visuals post here.

North of Israel

Welcome to the land of green mountains and lush valleys.

The Rainbow Cave- Me’arat Keshet (מערת קשת)

This spot allows you to experience the impressive view in a unique manner- hanged over the arch with snappling ropes!

Instagram vs. visit value– can’t rate this spot yet since I haven’t been there! message me if you want to explore it together!

Gan Hashlosha


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Remember this tropical oasis? ???????????? Gan hashlosha is a very popular day trip for Israelis, but not so known amongst tourists – which is such a shame because, well, this photo says it all doesn’t it?! If you are visiting Israel, make sure to check out my blog post about this beautiful place! ???? : Gan hashlosha is hidden in the Beit Shean valley, in the north of Israel. This is one of the hottest areas of the country, with a tropical feel. I am planning to go back to this area soon to show you more! The most beautiful palm trees and tropical fruit plantations everywhere, tons of springs and waterfalls and lots of archeological sights ???? : Have you ever heard of, or visited this area? : Edited with my ‘Bali Dreaming’ preset that is available in the webshop : #talesofvisuals #talesofisrael #creativeentrepreneur #createcultivate #pursuepretty #darlingdaily #doyoutravel #exploringtheglobe #ilovetravel #lonelyplanet #openmyworld #roamtheplanet #welltravelled #nomadgirls #girlswithgypsysouls #prettycity #sheexplores #thetravelwomen #wearetravelgirls #sheisnotlost #dametraveler #femmetravel

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Gan Hashlosha aka Sachne is a beutiful national park with 3 warm springs and natural pools.

Location: next to Beit She’an

Instagram vs. visit value⭐⭐⭐ it’s nice to visit the pools regardless of the pics butttt during the spring and summer (especially on weekends) it’s super busy there so you might not get your golden shot.

If you got a pic and there are people int he background here’s how you can remove them:

lightroom tutorial youtube

Hexagonal Pool- Breichat Ha’meshushim (בריכת המשושים)


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This pool has a very unique look made of hexagonal rocks on its walls.

Instagram vs. visit value– can’t rate this spot yet since I haven’t been there! message me if you want to explore it together!

Rosh Hanikra (ראש הנקרה)


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Located at the very north point of Israel, Rosh Hanikra is a natural reserve with a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

You can hover above the sea in a cable car or just walk on the bridge and enjoy the sea below you.

Instagram vs. visit value– can’t rate this spot yet since I haven’t been there! message me if you want to explore it together!

Insagramble Winter Locations

Like so many others I really hate winter and would actually skip it by traveling to warm places. Buttttt I can honestly say the one advantage of winter in Instagram terms is the amazing blossom of so many different flowers around the country. Click here for the list of flower fields of the winter.


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Get me back to the top, please.

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