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My Favorite Vegan Products in the U.S.A

vegan products usa

When I arrived in the United States I was happy with the wide selection of vegan products but also overwhelmed. With so many products to choose from how will you know which one is the best? So instead of you spending money trying to figure it out, I’ve prepared a list of my favorite vegan products in the United States.


Let’s start with the thing I missed the most: Dairy Products

  1. Chao cheese
    My absolute favorite cheese for grill cheese sandwich or just eating it by the slice. A word of advice- this cheese is my favorite one because its flavor is light! Very similar to the one that we have in Israel. If you’re looking for a stronger flavor go for Chao cheddar cheese.

  2. Kite Hill Cream Cheese
    If cream cheese is what’s missing in your life since becoming vegan worry no more because Kite Hill has the perfect healthy substitute and it’s absolutely delicious. Whether Plain or Chive, with Kite Hill you can’t go wrong. You can even use it with sweet or savory items on top of a toast. Or even for baked goods.

  3. Silk Yogurt
    It took me quite some time to find to find the perfect yogurt. I’ve tried them all. But Silk was the clear winner. My favorites were their plain or unsweetened flavors that go well in smoothies or with some fruits on the top. I got to the point where I’m getting the family size container and just eating it with a spoon. Their fruits flavored yogurts are pretty great as well. The one thing I have to mention is that I think I tried this brand a couple of years back and wasn’t that excited so I always think you should try everything once again (after a while) since it might be an acquired taste.

  4. Silk Milk (soy or almond)
    When looking for non-dairy milk there are a lot of great brands like Almond Breeze but my absolute favorite is Silk. Finally, a non-dairy milk that doesn’t have the usual sweetness that comes with it. It’s absolutely perfect for cereals! They even have cashew and coconut milk that I’ve yet to try, let me know if you have and what’s your impression in the comments.

  5. AloHop
    I was so sad I discovered this ice cream just before leaving the U.S. This brand is so goddddd! I could only put my hand on their Chocolate covered Banana flavor but they have a list of non-diary flavorsIt took me so long to find a brand I liked. I tried everything (all the classic vegan brands) but this one took After all these non-dairy products it’s time to move to the rest of my favorite vegan products that will upgrade your meals. Remeber, just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be health conscious so in my list, you will find the healthiest products among those groups of products.</

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    Well now we feel like these monkeys came to our party just for the freebies.

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  6. Just Mayo
    Hampton Creek has the best mayo there is. You can buy it on Amazon or if you find it in your local store. This can go with your french fries and sandwich perfect. Not only you would never feel the difference but the most important thing is that this product doesn’t have the cholesterol we’re used to seeing in non-vegan mayonnaise. Other great brands I tried are: Follow your Heart Mayonaise or American Garden.

  7. Just/Hampton Creek dressing
    Tow other amazing products by Hampton Creek are their salad dressing. I tried both Thousand Island which you can buy here, or their Rance dressing (which you can buy here) and both were amazing! They will upgrade any salad or sandwich.
  8. Gardein Meat Substitutes
    I’m not a huge fan of meat substitutes (mainly because I just don’t like meet and always prefer staple food over substitutes) but these ones are just so good. I probably tried 80% of their products and my favorites were the Fishless Fille, Mandarin Crispy Chick’n, and the Meatless Meatballs. The least favorite was probably the crab cake but you might like it.

  9. Trader Joe’s Cookies 
    Trader Joe’s has two delicious vegan cookies: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (brown package) or Trail Mix cookies (purple package). I loveeee the chocolate chip ones, and I’m a person who usually makes her own cookies since it’s so simple. I bought these ones just to try and they were so soft and just perfect. So if you’re ever craving something sweet don’t worry, Trader Joe’s got your back.
    vegan products usa
  10.  Trader Joe’s Kale Pesto
    The majority of Pestos have dairy in them and that’s why us vegans need to watch out before buying Pesto. The thing is, it’s so easy to make Pesto without dairy so Trader Joe’s provides us with an awesome vegan version that tastes just like the real thing if not better.

    NOTE: Trader Joe’s has many vegan items. You can request a list of their vegan items at the store but it would be hard to find them by name so I would suggest you just head on to Trader Joe’s Instagram page and have a visual aid so can look for them easily or show the workers there a picture of what you’d like.

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