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Did you know?

Israel is a tiny country but it packs so much in it.
From the green scenery of the north and the desert vibes of the south, you’ll find different types of landscapes. In Jerusalem, you will feel the presence of three religions and in Tel Aviv, you can party all night and get some tan at the beach during the day.

Israel is also the vegan capital of the world.

Eating vegan in Israel is easy and kind of effortless. The middle eastern diet includes so many vegan options and kosher rules make it even easier to find vegan options.

Regardless of the “accidentally vegan” dishes, you can find you can enjoy the best substitutes.

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When to go

Israel has pretty stable weather… Well, all things considered.  Spring- between March and June Summer- June- September Autumn- September- December Winter- December- March You can actually visit Israel all year round and just plan your trip accordingly.  Know this- Tel Aviv is super humid (all year long) and Jerusalem has cold nights and mornings even in the spring.  The one other thing you should take into consideration is Jewish holidays because during specific dates many establishments will be close. 

Top Things To Do

Visit one of the flower fields of Israel

Visit the Dead Sea

Visit Beit Govrin Caves

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Hike Ein Ovdat

Take a graffiti tour in Tel Aviv

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