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Treehouse Nicaragua

treehouse nicaragua

Always dreamed of staying in a treehouse? Nicaragua is where your dream comes true!

Located in the middle of the forest in the city of  Granada, the Nicaragua Treehouse looks surreal.

When getting to the hostel the tuk-tuk driver will drive you off at the beginning of a trail of rocks.  From there he will point up and wave goodbye. 

Don’t worry and don’t look back, you’re about to spend the night in an actual treehouse!

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tree house nicaragua

You will hike for about 20 minutes, going up steps made of rocks, until you finally reach the first terrace of the hostel. 

There you will find 4 dorms surrounded by trees. While beautiful in itself, hose rooms are not what you’re going for. 

Leave your luggage there, take a small backpack and hike for a couple of minutes more to the higher terrace of the hostel- a wide wood deck with two stories- the first one is where the receptions are and the common area and the top one is for breakfast and chilling. 

From this deck, you will spot two treehouses high in the skies. 

 But maybe a house shouldn’t be the word to describe where you’ll sleep since it has no walls! Just a wooden deck and a rooftop. instead of walls, you’ll find a railing around the structure to keep you from falling (although it’s still a possibility). In the middle, there’s a bed and a mosquito nest. 

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bed in a treehouse nicaragua
red bridge treehouse
girl looking at the view from a treehouse nicaragua

So yeah, you’ll be spending the night basically in the wild. 

In order to reach the closer Treehouse, you will need to cross a long wabbling bridge and then climb a steep ladder. 

There’s not much space so it’s really not necessary to bring anything but your clothes for the day and toiletries. 

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Given the location of the hostel and difficulty in getting to the treehouse, you’re most likely to spend your day and night there. 

But don’t worry, the hostel offers different activities but to be honest, just sitting in the common area and listening to the noises of the forest, spotting monkeys and colorful birds, is actually the best activity. 

At some nights the hostel becomes the hot spots for backpackers and has shown and live music. It’s highly recommended to stay there during those nights.

All in all,  spending one night and one day in the hostel is enough to enjoy it. But because o it’s popularity the treehouses get booked quickly so try to book as early as you can. 

For booking the Treehouse Nicaragua go to their official website.

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