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Flower fields in Israel

The most photogenic things about winter in Israel are the amazing flower blossoms that are so very instagrammable!

Like so many others, I really hate winter and would actually skip it by traveling to warm places. Buttttt I can honestly say the one advantage of winter in Instagram terms is the amazing blossom of so many different flowers around the country.

Israel is packed with amazing photogenic locations!
For the complete list of the most instagramble places in Israel click here!

  • Sunflowers fields- June


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As a kid my favorite color was yellow so my attraction to these flowers, and well anyone’s, is pretty obvious.

They literally look like nature’s smiley emojis right?

Lucky for you these fields are blooming for almost a month from mid-May till mid-June and sometimes more…

We went to the one at the entrance to Hulda (at the left-hand side of the entrance gate) but here are a few other locations: Bror Hail (on the way from Sderot), Negba intersection (going towards Ashkelon), Kochav Michael village (before the entrance).

Recommended outfit- I wanted to make the flowers pop so I went for an orange-yellow dress but white would also be great… anything but green really…

  • Buttercup fields in Be’er Tuvia- March & April

Forget about going all the way to the Netherlands to see amazing rows of colorful flowers.  For a few weeks the village of Be’er Tuvia, located about 40 minutes south of Tel Aviv, hosts a buttercup picking festival. The flowers are extremely colorful and organized in rows. From yellow to pink, white, red and mixed you will find your favorite color there.

The fields are open to the public only during weekends and holidays. You can find the times on their Facebook page. At the entrance you would pay a small entrance fee or if you want about 15$ to get a cup and scissors so that you can pick flowers to take home.

The field is vast but if you want to get good pictures, make sure you come 15 minutes before opening. Drones are allowed (more or less) but it’s not recommended to fly a drone when the field is packed with people (they might tell you to stop flying).

Recommended outfit-  if you want to choose one outfit that would go with all these marvelous colors go for a white one but I chose to go for something more colorful and wore yellow and red.

  • Almond Trees- February

During the cold month of February, you get the rare chance to see the beautiful almond trees will changing their colors from green to white and lavender. The fields of trees look like a romantic fairy tale and if you can ignore the cold air you can enjoy the magical vibes.

You can find a few fields next to Jerusalem in the Latrun intersection and Tal Sahar village. If you’re willing to go a bit farther, some of the best fields can be found next to Nahal Rosh Pina in the north. You can walk around the old city and head towards a trail colored in lavender.

Recommended outfit– I would either go for color on color and wear lavender or white or choose a color that pops like red.

  • Cotton Fields- October & November


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These cotton fields look like you’re surrounded by cotton wool and are absolutely magical!

The cotton will appear at the beginning of the winter and can be found in so many fields such as Nahal Alexander, Givaat Hashlosha and many more…

I missed those fields this winter but would definitely go next time!

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