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Did you know?

They say that there’s no sin below the equator. This might be true when it comes to Brazil. Especially during Carnaval’s time in which there’s this feeling of lack of inhibition. But all year long you will notice that in Brazil there’s a sense of freedom around you. Brazil is a place of music, sensuality, raw nature, and welcoming people.
In Brazil, there are so many destinations each one different than the other- from a beach town, tropical islands, dunes, and lagoons. and cities with parties nonstop.
Brazil is actually a semi-state so you can travel in it for months. In fact, my first trip was 3 months in which I explored the country from south to north.
In the past brazil was considered a pricy destination when compared to other South American countries but with the different crises and changes in the value of the R$, Brazil is now considered less pricy than in the past.
How much time do you need to travel in Brazil? What’s the cost of such a trip? Which are the best hotels and hostels?
All this and more in the Traveler Guide to Brazil!

When to go

Brazil has a wet and dry season but you can travel across the country throughout the year. The wet season in Brazil is during the summer and its peak begins in December and ends in March/April (after Carnival). During these months you should book your flights and hostels as soon as possible because the prices go up quickly. Since it’s the wet season you might encounter light tropical rains. If you go to islands (like Ilha grande) make sure you check the weather before you do since there’s nothing to do in case it rains. The dry season in Brazil lasts from June to Septemeber and it’s their winter. If you plan to visit areas with lagoons (like in Jericoacoara) you’re better off going when the lagoons are full. If you’re’ planning to get to the Amazonas these months are more convenient.

Top Things To Do

Celebrate Carnival

Fly over Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

Hike to the top of Favela Vidigal

Have an Açai bowl

Swim in the lagoons of Jericoacoara

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