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Did you know?

In Colombia, you can travel through the coffee plantations in Salento, dance salsa in Cali, learn Spanish in Boota, get some sun at Cartagena, watch the famous sunsets of Taganga, or visit Medellin where you learn about the rich history of this country or just party all night long.
While you’re in Colombia you might consider hopping to San Andres Islands or the more isolated Rosario Islands. In these islands, you can enjoy the clear turquoise waters and beaches.
Don’t worry so much about safety and the bad reputation this country got after years of wars. Today Colombia is much safer than some of its neighbors (like Brazil) and is also a great destination for solo female travelers. Oh, and did I mention Colombian people are by far the nicest and most friendly people I’ve met in Latin America.
Want a 4-week itinerary to Colombia? Ever wondered what it’s like visiting an isolated island? Want all the details about Casa en el Agua? 
All this and more in the Traveler Guide to Colombia!

When to go

The weather in Colombia is tropical but it changes from city to city. Generally speaking, the wet season is between August- December and the dry season is January-July. Bogota and Salento are generally colder and Cartagena and the Caribbean area are more tropical. I traveled there during the month of January and the weather was perfect.
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Top Things To Do

Rosario islands

Stay in the isolated Rosario Islands

Stay in Casa en el Agua

medellin metrocable

See Medellin by cable car

valle de cocora salento

Hike Cocora Valley to see the Palmeras

guatape medellin

Climb up the steps of Guatape

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