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How to Get Complimentary Stay with Hotels

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Don’t have a lot of follower or huge blog traffic but you can offer a great value to hotels?

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All the plugins and tools that will upgrade your WordPress sites- from design to writing. 

All the gear you need to create beautiful vlogs, the best editing software and apps and where to find music for your vlogs

The best software and apps for editing pictures and creating a coherent instagram feed, design website for creating graphics and my favorite stock pictures websites.

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Drone- DJI Mavic

This gadget is an expensive one but it’s totally worth it! The shots you will get with this little toy are epic!
It used to be super expensive to get a DJI drone but now they’ve released the new Mavic Mini drone which is perfect for beginners!
I have the Mavic Air which is light and effective. It’s more than double the price of the mini.
The best one is the Mavic Pro (that costs just a little bit more than the air) and it’s super professional.

What you need to know is that eventually you risk crashing your drone quite a bit so I would always recommend taking the Mavic Mini and risking less money. 

Action Camera

There are two great options when it comes to action cameras- GoPro or Osmo Action. Both have front screens and are waterproof. I have the Osmo Action. 

Butttt the only disadvantage is the poor sound quality. For both, you would have to connect an external mic with an adapter. You can check out the Osmo sound quality in in this review.

If you don’t need super professional sound and just a comfortable camera, resistant with wide lens and that’s good for extreme scenarios, then definitely consider buying one of these. 

Affordable Tripod

I’ve had this affordable tripod for years now. I use it with my medium size canon and it hasn’t failed me. It’s super light and easy to use and only costs 20$.


Get you cinematic shots at affordable price​

Let me introduce you to this magical tool that will make your footage more cinematic-looking.

A gimbal is essentially a stabilizer that will grant you a smooth movement just like in the movies but with a much smaller (And cheaper) tool. The gimbal is great for pan (right to left or the other way around), tilt (up to down or the other way around), following shots and more.
The best thing is the price tag of this cool little toy- from 100$-300$ for gimbals for your phone and 500$-1000$ for cranes for your camera.

Here are some recommended gimbals:

Want to know which one is for you? Feel free to contact me!

DJI Osmo Pocket

This gimbal is so small it’s insane! You can literally carry it in your pocket. It connects to your phone but you can actually use it with no phone (in case you run out of battery) thanks to the small screen on it. 

Zhiyun Smooth 4

While it’s bigger than the Osmo Pocket the size of this gimbal allows you to create an even more stabilized shot and it has many more options the Dji doesn’t include. Such options allow you to create the vertigo effect (zoom in while pulling back or the other way around), Auto-zoom in for the perfect stabilized shot, time-lapse, automatic panoramic shots, blur and many more.

Zhiyun Crane

if you have a professional camera you might want to consider getting a crane. This is obviously the best and most professional option since you get stabilized shots of high quality (depending on your camera). But to be honest today you can get really good shots with your phone connected to the Zhiyun Smooth 4.

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