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Peru – Best Photo Spots

The locations that will make you fall in love with Peru

Turquoise lagoons, lush jungles, salt pools and relics of the Incan empire, Peru has so many amazing photo locations. 

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Turquoise Pools of Millpu, Ayacucho. 

The turquoise pools are such a rare sight! They’re surrounded by white minerals and their color changes to green during the summer. Getting to these pools is not that easy but so worth it!

Machu Picchu

The most famous touristic attraction in Peru is also one of the prettiest!

This place is full of history as your guide will tell you. Take a minute to really grasp that you’re standing in front of the relics of one of the Incan cities! How crazy!

We arrived in an extra cloudy day (which made is less hot) but as the clouds spread the lost city of the inca was revealed to us. 

Ausangate Lagoons, Cusco

After hiking for about an hour a half (the difficulty is due to the hight, not the hike) you will reach the first out of seven lagoons of Ausangate. But of course, the best things are saved for last and so is the prettiest lagoon is the final one. 

The water is an insane turquoise that changes as the visibility and skies change. This hike is definitely worth it.

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Salineras de Maras Salt Pools, Cusco

About an hour’s drive from Cusco, or as part of a day trip to the sacred valley, you will find over 4000 salt pools at the bottom of a valley. 

In the past, you could have taken a picture standing on top of the pools but after tourists have vandalized the place (writing their name in the salt and whatnot) in mid-2019 they built a fence and prohibited the entrance to the pools themselves. 

Still, the pics are stunning. 

The Dunes in Huacachina

The infinite dunes of Huacachina are the perfect background for a dessert-like picture that will make people think you’re in the Sahara desert rather than Peru. 

You can get to the dunes by foot (difficult but worth it) or as part of a buggy trip and sandboarding.

Rainbow Mountain, Cusco

The colors you will encounter in the rainbow mountain are formed by nature and are just amazing. The hike to the top is a bit difficult so I chose the alternative route to Palcoyo.  

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Cusco's View Points

In Cusco you will find several viewpoints that will allow you to see the city from above.

Here are some I recommend.

Cristo Blanco

Mirador de San Blas

Limbus Resto & Bar

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