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Most Instagramable places in Sri Lanka

sri lanka insragram spots

Sri Lanka is known for its photogenic locations that will make you want to book a flight immediately.

Have you always wondered where are these amazing pics taken?

Here’s the full list of the most instagramable places in Sri Lanka:

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Tree Swing, Unawatuna


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There are two tree swings in Unawatuna and they’re both on Wijaya beach (a tuktuk ride from Unawatuna’s main beach). Once you arrived at the entrance to the beach walk towards the huge rock with palm trees on it (to your right if you’re facing the beach).

Just one thing- you didn’t thing such an instagramble spot would be free… You would actually need to pay 5000 Rupee (about 3$) for 3 attempts on the swing. I say go for it. It’s not all about the shot but the cool experience of swinging from a coconut tree above the waves.

For more information about this swing and other attractions in Unawatuna click here.

9 Arches Bridge, Ella

The famous bridge in Ella is located in the midst of a beautiful green valley. If you’re stying “downtown” you would need to take a tuktuk there or simply walk along the train tracks for about 30 minutes. The best time to get there is of course early morning when there aren’t as many tourists. The busiest time is around the time in which the train is supposed to come. During this hour you will be surrounded by tourists as well as drones above you trying to get the golden shot from above. Please note it might rain spontaneously so come prepared.

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Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa

The best time to get to this stunning hill is at sunset or sunrise. During sunset it gets super busy so make sure you arrive before the sunset. It’s also good to get there early since the colors in the sky begin changing already half an hour before sunset. For all the amazing attractions in Mirissa and other beach, towns click here.

Lightower, Galle

The colonial town of Galle is quaint and the Lightower is a great attraction (Especially because of the refreshing breeze from the beach next to it). I would definitely recommend arriving before 9am to get a picture that’s less crowded.

The most scenic train ride

In order to get a good shot on this train, you would definitely need access to the door. If you didn’t get a first-class ticket (most likely you won’t if you’re traveling at peak season) you would need to enter the train after everyone else already has to get the golden seat. How to you get a ticket to the different classes? which part of the ride is the most beautiful? all the answers in the guide to the train ride of Sri Lanka.

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Went on the most amazing train ride with spectacle views of Sri Lanka’s green tea plantation! This is one of the best touristic attraction in Sri Lanka but a tricky one! Here are some of our insights: *** the best seat is at the door- you have all the amazing views to yourself ***if you want a first class ticket you have to book it weeks in advance through a tourism agency *** if you didn’t get a first class ticket you have to but a 2nd or 3rd class ticket the day of the trip- show up an hour or two at the train station and get the tickets *** if your going from kandy to Nuwara Eliya try going on 3rd class because most Sri Lankan people that but this type of ticket get off at different stations within the first hour… =========================== An Instagram question- would you dare to stand like this at the door of a moving train for a shot? To be fair the train is not going to fast ————————————————-שאלת ״אינסטגגרמית״- האם הייתם מוכנים להיתלות ככה מדלת של רכבת בתנועה? למען האמת הרכבת לא נוסעת ממש ממש מהר #SugarTravelsSriLanka #visitsrilanka #exploresrilanka #travelsrilanka #srilankatourism ⠀⠀

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Botanical Gardens, Kandy

I wouldn’t recommend getting to the botanical garden and in general to Kandy but if you’re already there take a tuktuk to this nice gardens to escape the busy city. I would skip unnecessary strolls and go straight to the palm trees avenue and the flowers area (the rest is pretty boring).

Railways, Ella

Around Ella next to the 9 arches bridge and almost everywhere else you can take a picture with the empty railway. So who took the best shot? Me or the dog?

Click here to read more about Ella.

Pidurangala, Sigiriya

The main attraction in Sigiriya is climbing up Lion’s rock, but many would pick the other option- climb up Pidurangala Rock and get an amazing view of the Lion’s Rock. Which hike is better? Click here to read my insights.

Viewpoint of Mirissa Beach

In Mirissa you can enjoy extremely low and high tides and during times of low tides the sea splits in half and you can climb up this rock and watch Mirissa from the top. You can also arrive when the tides are high and just get wet on the way. Here’s a tip: climb up during sunrise to watch the fishermen.

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