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Did you know?

Don’t let Nicaragua’s small size fool you! This country packs so many things to see, do, and eat!
Where else could you surfboard a black volcano like Cerro Negro in Leon, Visit European like cathedrals in Granada, surf in San Juan del Sur,  Stay in a freaking treehouse in Granda, or a cabana in the forest of Ometepe Island, swim in a lagoon with the volcano behind you, and more.
For the top things to do in Nicaragua, best vegan restaurants, and a review of the best hotel in Ometepe check out the Traveler Guide to Nicaragua.

When to go

Nicaragua has tropical weather typical to a central American country. The rainy season is from May- November and the dry season is from December- April. This is probably the best time to visit and if you want it to be less hot choose December or April (with the risk of some rains).

Top Things To Do

treehouse nicaragua

Stay in an actual treehouse

nicaragua sunset

Watch the amazing sunsets of San Juan

Visit the white cathedral of Leon

Sandboard Cerro Negro

Stay in El Zopilote in Omepte Island

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