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Selina Peru- Hostel Review

Welcome to Selina - The New Hostel Life

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If you’ve traveled in Latin America recently you must have heard of Selina- a relatively new chain of boutique hostels that is already taking over Latin America and other destinations like Israel, Lisbon and more. 

Selina is something between a hostel and a hotel. Or, a chain of boutique hostels as I define it. 

You can definitely recognize a Selina hostel when you see it thanks to the signature style of design that is mostly modern with authentic touches that are unique to each destination.

Selina introduces the new world of accommodation and hospitality in their hostels like no one has done before. 

No more triple bunk beds with rocky beds, low standards of cleaning and minimal comfort for travelers who opt for the hostel life.

Welcome to the new backpacker lifestyle!

In Selina’s dorms, you will find comfortable beds with blackout curtains, USB outlets, and night lamps to provide maximal comfort and privacy. Some hostels even have a personal drawer next to the beds with electrical outlets inside so you can safely charge all of your electronics.

The private rooms and suites are nothing short of a boutique hotel. With the main toiletries, a desk, and closet, these rooms provide you with the confort of a hotel room.

If in the past hostel life meant compromising on different amenities and standards for a good price and atmosphere, Selina makes it so you won’t have to compromise. 

The cleaning standards of Selina Peru is extremely high with everyday cleaning of the rooms and common areas. The staff is professional and local mainly since they don’t rely on travelers that pass through and just work in the hostel for a short while in exchange for a free stay. 

The Selina Peru hostels are much more than a hostel. In these hostels, You can enjoy a good meal in the excellent restaurants or prepare your own meal in some hostels that have a fully equipped kitchen. You can chill in the cinema room or enjoy a good read in the library.

Selina also introduced a variety of activities such as Yoga, salsa lessons, and more.

In order to enjoy these classes, I would recommend downloading the Selina app and get a discount!

When I first stayed in a hostel in Latin America over 10 years ago I did have a phone with me let alone a computer.

Times are different now and Selina acknowledges it.  Today we traveler with our phones, camera (/s), laptop and whatnot. 

Rather than sticking to old notions of hostel life, Selina has a wholesome idea of hospitality in modern times. With this in mind, several hostels (like in Arequipa and Lima in Peru) offer co-working space for the new age travelers and digital nomads.

The wifi quality, of course, is amazing. The best I’ve seen in hotels and hotels around the world. It’s perfect for the needs of the modern traveler that likes to disconnect but needs to be able to connect with family, friends or work or simply do some research for the next destination online.


Is Selina for you?

Well, each Selina hostel is different. While they maintain the line of professionalism and impeccable design each hostel has its own characteristics. 

In Peru, Selina is almost in every major destination you will explore. 

Selina Saphi in Cusco will be perfect for those seeking privacy and relaxation among all the trekking and day trips. Selina Plaza de Armas, on the other hand, would be more appropriate for solo travelers that can engage with fellow travelers in the courtyard of the hostel.

In Arequipa, you find a Selina hotel with a pool and co-working space that suitable for families with kids as well as backpackers traveling in couples or groups. 

In Huaraz, Selina is the perfect hostel for some relaxation after days of trekking and camping. 

Lastly, Selina Lima is located in the center of Miraflores and is perfect for solo travelers, groups, couples, and families. 

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