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Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour

Get to know the other side of Tel Aviv through the graffiti art of the Florentin neighborhood

I was not surprised when my friend, Adi Siri, told me that if I want to see graffiti I have to go to Florentin. As many people have said before, Florentin is the Brooklyn of Tel Aviv. An up-and-coming neighborhood with hipster vibes and is improving every day with new buildings and parks.

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Since I only moved to TLV recently, I feel like a tourist. I got to know the TLV like any other tourist, the bars, the beach, vegan restaurants, the amazing fashion. But I wanted more. That’s why I reached out to Adi Siri from LocalTourisTlv (nope, this post is not sponsored in any way).


The street art in Florentin is the best testament to the true character of this neighborhood. some graffiti is all over the walls and some small drawing is hiding in the corners or on the top of buildings. I wouldn’t even notice some of these paintings if the guide, Adi, hadn’t pointed them out to me.

And the stories behind each art are amazing. The different crews, the social commentaries, the relationship with the municipality.

The tour takes about two hours in which you will stroll down the narrow streets of Florentin and see some graffiti in places you never imagined. That tour was an amazing way to experience other sides of Tel Aviv.

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