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Should you buy instagram followers in 2020?

With Instagram removing likes should you buy followers in 2020?

Instagram started its pilot of removing followers in mid-2019 in Canada. It was followed by several other countries and now the announcement has arrived- the U.S is next!

Nikki Minaj reacted by saying she’s gonna quit Instagram the day this happens (well, she also said she’s gonna quit the music industry and that hasn’t happened yet).


Instagram got a lot of criticism because of the negative effect the likes and comments created among teenagers (but not only) and the stories of people falling into depression and experiencing anxiety. 

Instagram’s goal with the new pilot was to help diminish some of the negativity around the app but many fear that their livelihood will be affected by it. And no, Nikki Minaj doesn’t have to worry about it. 

In reality, this pilot doesn’t mean an utter disappearance of the likes and you will be able to see them one way or another. And in case the algorithm is still gonna rely on those likes (so we’ll need them just like in the past).

So what about buying followers???

Buying followers has become the norm by now. 

So how do you know if the followers are real? 

The simplest way is to click on one of the pictures in the account and see how many likes/comments the pic has and check if the ratio is logical. How many times did you see an account with over 19k followers but ith 50 likes and 2 comments a pic? Probably the followers of this account are fake. 

But if you want a more reliable source that will tell you if this account has fake followers and about how many are they you can just use external sites like Hype Auditor  

In these websites, you can just enter the username and the website will give you an analysis of the number of bots following this account. 

Before you go running and saying each account bought followers please note this is just an estimate and big accounts are being followed by bots even if they didn’t buy them. 

Hype Auditor will give a better analysis on your account and will even tell you if there’s a suspicion that the account uses Instagram pods and how much you should charge for a sponsored pod on your account. You can only use this site if you have 1000 followers and above. 

To buy Instagram likes click here. 

One less like, one more follower?

And if they’re gonna remove the likes? What does that have to do with buying followers?

Here’s the thing. Let’s assume the Instagram removes the likes from your main page, which means there’s one less tool to measure the quality of your account.

Meaning- there’s a chance that the number of followers that was already dominant in the past will become even more prominent for brands and businesses that want to know whether they should work with a certain influencer. 

with this, in mind, 2 things might happen- either people will end up buying more followers from now on but on the other hand, it can cause brands and businesses to use tools like HypeAuditor to verify the legitimacy and quality of the account. 

In other words- the more people will purchase fake followers, the more ridiculous accounts with 30 k followers and 2 comments a pics and this exaggeration might bring more “supervision” by brands. 

What does this mean for you?

With likes or without them I recommend against buying followers. Yes the thought of buying some bots passed in the minds of all of us (for me at least once a month as part of usual fit against the algorithm).

Once you bought followers if the algorithm “caught you” you will have difficulty in growing. And yes, I know people that have bought several hundred followers and are still growing (slowly) but I also know some that bought followers and got stuck!

The best recommendation is- don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

What does that mean? Put 80% into Instagram/your blog but always made sure that the other 20% will be invested in other social media networks. 

We’re noticing drastic changes in the different platforms and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. 

And yes I know you barely have the time to take care of your Instagram account so now are you expected to have a facebook page, Twitter and even TikTok?

Yes, yes and yes!

I’m in all these platforms (and yes I know TikTok is for kids but take a look at GaryVeee’s account and don’t forget to check mine out). I don’t put the same amount of effort into these platforms but post here and there. Still, I know if something happens with Instagram at the end of the day I won’t crash. 

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