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How to get to Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is a magical place with infinite dunes and beautiful lagoons but to get to this unique place you’ll have to take a small journey. But since this little sandy town has attracted more and more tourists in the last decade, it evolved and so is the way to get there, so not to worry.

For the complete guide to Jericoacoara click here.

How to get to Jericoacoara?

Jericoacoara is located in the southeast of Brazil and the nearest is in Fortaleza. From there you’ll need to go through the dunes to get to this incredible spot.

From the airport there are 2 options to get there:

The short and recommended option: 4X4 shuttle

Getting to Jericoacoara with a 4X4 vehicle is the most recommended and shortest way.

The price of the ride is about 550 R$ for the whole car but usually, you will pay by a person between 150-175R$. The ride takes about 4-5 hours.

One way to make your ride cheaper is to share it with others. In this group Car Share Jericoacoara, you will find people to share the ride with. Also, you can just write a post with your time of arrival and number of people.

There are many agencies (well it usually a couple of drivers) that ill offer to take in case they have more passengers around the same time. You can also contact them directly- just search “Jeri Transfer” on Facebook and get to many pages of agencies.

Note that the communication with the drivers is mostly on WhatsApp and I would recommend saving their number so you can go with them to the lagoons and for the ride back to Fortaleza.

Recommended agency:

MWturJeri: +55 88 9708-9447

The long yet cheap option: a bus and a track

Another way of getting to Jericoacoara is taking a bus to Jijoca, which is the nearest town with paved roads, and from there taking a track of a sort.

The first part of your trip with the bus will take 7-8 hours and costs 8 R$. The bus is relatively comfortable compared with buses in Brazil and there’s a stop for lunch. The disadvantage is that the bus only leaves 4 times a day.

The second part of the ride takes about an hour and your bus ticket includes this ride. You will leave in some sort of truck with the suitcases on its roof. The ride in this vehicle is not comfortable, to say the least. The chairs are not padded and I had to get a massage after this journey.

You can check the hours of the bus here.

My recommendation: whether you’re a backpacker or you have a higher budget, I would opt for the first option- the 4X4 shuttle. The ride in the dunes is not the most comfortable thing and in case you find someone to share the ride with (I always did) the ride will cost you 70 R$ more than the second option. Yes, it might seem like a lot but even if you have a lower budget it’s just not worth the knee and back pain.

Can you get to Jericoacoara with a private vehicle? 

It’s not recommended at all to get there with a private vehicle (even if it’s a 4C4 car)! Many drivers get stuck and the road is not marked so you can easily get lost in the dunes. Also, you can only park outside of the village since no private cars are allowed in Jericoacoara.

Is there another way to get to Jericoacoara?

Yes, you can fly to Jeri in a 50 minutes helicopter flight or take a flight to the new airport with Azul airlines.

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