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Brazil Travel Vlog- Clap the Camera

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6 months, 3 minutes, 1 destination- Brazil Travel Blog

By the time I did my semester in Brazil I had already traveled there 3 times. But this experience was like no other. Living in Brazil for 6 months, being able to see this country as a resident, getting to know so many amazing people. I will always cherish this period. I documented the places I visited in this short Clap the Camera Video.

The memories I have from this trip are still very much alive in my head but if I ever forget them I would always have this video to remind me of the places, the sights, the music and most importantly the people that made my time there even more amazing!

The places in the video: Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Buzios, Arraial do Cabo, Jeri Coacoara, Pipa, João Pessoa.

The people in the video: friends from all over the world: Argentina, Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Israel, Italy, and more!



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