A trip to the negev in South of Israel

The south area of Israel is known as the Negev- the desert of Israel.  The interesting landscape of the desert, with the different textures and colors, has always been a point of attractions for many tourists. . With the Coronavirus, the city of Tel Aviv, which was always the place you go to for fun, […]

Is Brazil safe to travel?

It’s not dangerous to travel to Brazil! Brazil has a bad rep for sure but here are all the safety tips that will keep you safe during your trip.

Brazil Best Photo Spots

The ultimate list of photo spots in Brazil- from golden sand dunes to urban graffiti murals, from turquoise lagoons to colorful shacks of the favelas.

How to get to Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is pretty isolated but that’s why it’s so magical. There are several ways to get to Jericoacoara. Choose which on eis right for you.