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Reut Sugar

Who's the girl behind the sunflower?

Hey there,  I’m flattered you’re taking interest in my life! Hopefully you’re not a stalker…

But if you are, feel free to stalk my social media profiles and send vegan goods and creepy notes to my house. 

Seriously though, it’s nice to meet you. Talking about myself is what I do best so here goes..

My actual name is Reut Shuker but I’m a gemini so I have 2 identities (the other one is of a nerdy academic researcher). This is the identity you’re probably interested in:

I’m Reut Sugar, an Israeli content creator and travel blogger currently living in Tel Aviv with my dog, Tiny. 

Here are some things you might not know about me:

I consider Brazil my second home and my love for this place actually changed the course of my life. 

After my first trip to this amazing country I’ve decided to pursue an academic career in Latin American Studies and even started my Ph.D. in the U.S.A, researching Brazilian cinema. 

I love Brazil so much I even named my first dog Rio. 

My obsession with traveling has led me to some of the most beautiful destinations, introduced me to amazing cultures and people and ultimately improved me as a person. 

I was fortunate to study and live in Granada, Spain; Rhod Island, USA and did my fieldwork in Rio de Janeiro. I currently speak Spanish and Portuguese and recently started learning Turkish because of my addiction to Turkish soap operas. 😉

Oh and I’m an animal lover and vegan. I always opt for eco- conscious and cruelty free activities and accommodation. 

Just checking if this flower is edible ; )


Or, me talking about myself some more

Why are you hiding behind a sunflower?​

I donnu, just felt like it at the moment. Photoshoots like this can be pretty hot so the sunflower was the best accessory to hide my sweaty face. 

No, I’m not insecure about my looks…

How do you travel the world? 

I traveled and lived abroad a lot as part of student exchange programs. I got to live and study in Spain, Brazil, and the US, where I started my Ph.D. (yet to be finished so.. more semesters abroad ahead).

I worked full time and spent every penny on my dog and trips. 

After a year of starting the blog, I was lucky enough to collaborate with hotels so I got complimentary stay in many places.

What camera do you use?

You’d surprised to find out that even though I have a camera I take my picss on my iPhone.

In order to create my vlogs I use gimbals, an extreme sports camera, and my drone.

Here’s a full list of my gear.

How to you get complimentary stay in hotels?

This is the question I get the most so I decided to create a whole course about it. 

The course has been released twice in Hebrew and hundreds of bloggers have taken it and managed to create successful collaborations without having a huge following on Instagram or a lot of traffic on their blog. 

For more details about the course click here.

Is your name really Sugar?

Well, it’s my stripper name. Just kidding!

I’m a Gemini so I have 2 identities. Both are equally crazy.

My actual name is Reut Shuker but if you google me by this name all you’re gonna find is my “academic identity.” In other words, everything that has to do with my academic career. 

My other identity was created by the miss pronunciation of my last name- Shuker as Sugar.

You see, Reut means friendship in Hebrew and it was a pretty common name during the late 80’s so all of my friends used to call me Shuker. 

When I started hanging out with Americans no one could even pronounce my first name (no it’s not Ruth!) so they started calling me Sugar and it became my nickname. 

When I started this blog I was doing my PhD so of course, I had to separate these two worlds- the world of me lecturing in conferences about Brazil and the world in which you see pictures of me in a bikini on a beach in Brazil. 

Get it?

How old are you?

I’m over 30 let’s just say that. 

If you want to compliment me and say I look young for my age feel free to do so.

I’ve always believe you should love yourself the way you are, but if you need some nip and tuck I can be your digital surgeon. 

Storytelling, digital marketing or content creation- I’ve got you covered. 

Check out  my services page to see what I do or my portfolio for I did.

For more information about my favorite subject-me, myself and I: