Starting a blog in 2020…

Blogging in 2020

Did you know?

There are over 600 billion blogs on the internet. Just to make you understand how huge this number really is- about a quarter of all websites are blogs.

And these numbers are growing each day.

Today, blogging is no longer the niche of private people writing about their experiences. Many companies use blogs as part of their marketing strategy and stated it increased traffic on their sites or brought in more clients.

Blogging is a broad concept that includes content writing, photography, vlogging, familiarity with social media and more. That means that if you have experience with blogging you should definitely mention it on your CV. In fact, blogging and being an Instagrammer was what got me my current full-time job.

If you’re thinking for yourself: “there are so many blogs out there why would anyone read mine?” Think again.

There are so many search engines for hotels right? but I reserve my hotel on and you might choose

What I’m trying to say is that the growing number of blogs should not deter you from starting a blog but encourage you!


Why did I start a blog?

For me, blogging was a source of comfort during my year abroad.  But there are so many reasons to start a blog: a blog can serve as a hobby, a creative outlet, promoting a business, sharing your experiences, and more. You can find an extensive list of reasons here.

The more reasons there are to start a blog the more excuses you can find for avoiding taking this next step.

My main excuse was my busy schedule as a Ph.D. student. You might have a demanding career as well but here’s the good news: blogging can be done at your own pace and according to your schedule.

You might find more excuses along the way so let me just tell you this: don’t let the fear of what others will say, fear that you might not have what it takes, that you might not have anything to say, don’t let any of those bring you down!

There are also many misconceptions about blogging.

I thought having an online blog would be a pricy business and one that will require knowledge of programming. In reality, you can start your blog today for a few bucks a month and with no former training in programming.

When it comes to blogging, Nike got it right,



Since I’ve started my blog, I got to run Facebook and Instagram accounts for different clients, got content writing gigs, I’ve met amazing people and supportive communities, was fortunate to collaborate with hotels abroad and as I mentioned before, got my job working with delegations of foreign journalists thanks to the blog and my knowledge in social media.

You should know, starting your blog is a process, but I’ll do whatever I can to simplify it for you with this guide for beginners.

Now that you’ve decided to take the leap, you would need to decide between an independent, self-hosted blog and a blog hosted by an external platform. All and more in our next lesson.

Too much for you? Let me help and set up your WordPress blog for you for free when you use my affiliate link.