Videomaking Essentials

When it comes to creating beautiful videos I say keep it simple. Don’t wait till you get fancy equipment to start filming Gear and Equipment Video Editing Music for Vlogs Be the first one to know about my upcoming workshop for  filming and editing travel videos Gear and Equipment iPhone My first go to to […]

Flower fields in Israel

Check out Israel’s flower fields- tulips fields (like the one in Holland), Almond tree blossom, cotton, and sunflowers. The locations and dates inside!

Most Instagramable Places in Israel

girl twirling in front of a natural pool israel

The ultimate list of photo spots in Israel! Is it worth getting to these locations just for the picture or also for the place itself? The complete list and rating.

Running Israel

Interested in the running culture in Israel? Sarah Sechan from Sarah Runs Israel has all the details for you! Hello! My name is Sarah Sechan, and I’m an Olah Hadasha/recent immigrant to Israel. As an avid runner, I knew that the best way for me to integrate into Israeli society was to get involved in […]

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa is the Eilat of Sri Lanka. A place where you can party and sunbathe. Mirissa is perhaps the most popular seaside town in southern Sri Lanka. The town is located within driving distance From Willigma, Kabbalah (201 Or Onhwatona. The town has one main beach – Mirissa Beach and a smaller beach – Secret […]

Onawatona, Sri Lanka

My favorite place in all of Sri Lanka was undoubtedly Una Watuna. It’s definitely worth learning how to pronounce the name. Una Watuna is simply a charming seaside town with small alleys, 3 beaches to visit and lots of cute restaurants and boutiques. It’s all within walking distance. It’s hard to explain exactly what made […]