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I first heard about this option of selling pictures in the Instagram stories of @KatGaskin aka Salty Pineapple. She was mentioning that while she was traveling in Hawaii she made 500$ passive income from Canva.

I was like- what??? The Canva app I know? She has her pics there? It made sense since her pics are super colorful and suitable for business cards, brochures, and everything can offers.

I immediately reached out to her and she told me a bit about her experience. I contacted canvas. There were less than 50 contributors back then. And after sending them my pics they accepted my contribution!

You only get a few cents for individual pictures since they only cost 1$ for the client. I submitted about 30 pictures but already after a few months, I made 50$ without noticing. By now my profit has grown and I understood which pics work better and submitted some more.

Click here to become a Canva contributor.

Did you know you can actually make a nice profit on stock pics websites?

If you haven’t used stock pics it’s time to get acquainted with these sires. They’ll upgrade your site and make it look professional. There are many sited for free and paid stock pictures. Here’s a list.

Here’s how it works:

In Canva and these other sites, you have the option to purchase one picture/ a pack/ or a subscription. Shutterstock is a good example of one of these sites. Once clients purchase one of these through your pic, you will get a commission.

What kind of pictures can you sell?

The rule of thumb is that pics should be useful for others. Some sites will make use of a general picture of Palacio real in Madrid Some sites will accept pic of a girl sitting next to the computer, others will take general pics of a flower/sunset.

Here are my best selling pictures on Canva:


Make sure you read the fine print of the agreement on each website and notice that some websites will take ownership of the pic, some will keep them royalty-free.

Many websites will allow you to publish your pics in other sites and I would recommend publishing them o as many sites.

Have questions? I’m here to help.