Affiliate programs #2

Maximize your income from affiliate programs

You can join dozens of affiliate programs but you need to change your blog, from design to writing, in order to actually make an income. Here are a few ways to maximize your income with affiliate links.

When you create a resources library your basically allowing your reader to find all the tools you use, courses you recommend, gear and more in one place. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Don’t you get questions like what camera do you use or where do you find music for your vlogs? I always check our the resources library of different bloggers I like.

I’ve created a resources library after I understood I need to have all my recommendations in one stop but it wasn’t working so well. After taking the amazing and free (!!!) course of Kimi Kinsey I’ve changed my resources library completely! I highly recommend it!

What can you recommend in your resources library?

Your photography gear

Travel gear (from eye masks to luggage)

Favorite apps

WordPress plugins


Books you like

Travel-related recommendations- your favorite sites and apps for hotel booking, flights, etc. Here’s an example.

  • Banners

If you have a high paid program, like Bluehost for example, consider promoting it through a banner on the sidebar of your blog.

For example, I’m affiliated with YOLO Blog and TRVBox’s guide to TLV and I include it on my sidebar since I know many readers are interested in Israel.

  • Dedicated posts

Writing informative posts that revolve around an affiliate product or service is one of the best ways to attract your readers to use it. A good way to write these posts is to phrase them as a solution to a problem. Another way is to write “lists” posts.

Here are some other topis you can write about:

“The best rental company in the US”

“The best hotels in Sri Lanka” (that was generating me quite some money).

“How to make money from your blog” (just like this course)

“My favorite WordPress plugin”

“Gift list for Christmas”

Some tips:

When mentioning a service make sure you include any discounts or trials like “subscribe to ___ and get a one-month free trial.”

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing go to the expert, Ana fromĀ  The She Approach. She has many posts and courses on this topic. Here’s a link to her free course. You can also check out her affiliate bundle. Insert the promo code “TSA5OFF” to get 5$ off her courses!

  • See what I did here?


Bottom line– Don’t wait till your reader stumbles upon your affiliate links. If you believe in a product/service promote it!