Advertise on your blog

Earn money from advertising

Did you ever consider making money from ads on your blog?

Think about it, just like a newspaper, your blog can serve as an advertising platform. Thousands (hopefully) of people visit your blog so it’s natural to consider advertising as a way to make an income.

The main advantage of ads on your blog is the passive income you create. You continue creating content for the blog and make a commission in case your reader click on the ads.

One of the disadvantages is that the ads interference with the aesthetics of the blog. But, I’ll be honest, as a consumer I’m so used to see ads everywhere so it doesn’t bother me as much.

Here are the ways you can advertise on your blog:

  • Google AdSense

The most common way to make money from ads in joining google Adsense. Apply here.

Applying is easy and you don’t need thousands of sessions or visitors to get accepted.┬áif you ger rejected there’s a list of possible explanations so after you fix those don’t hesitate to apply again.

How much will you make?

Well, not a lot, google AdSense has very general ads that do not pinpoint to your audience so assuming you have about 3000 months visitors you will make between 10-30$. But if you have more traffic you can get a nice side income of 100$ a month (why not?) or more!

The downside

Google Adsense is not targeted like other platforms. That means your readers might be interested in traveling but they will see randoms ads on your blog.

  • Mediavine

Mediavine is the elite of advertisement. It’s much more targeted since the advertizes basically choose if they want to advertise with you. That means your audience won’t see irrelevant ads (still, they might be annoying)

It’s hard to get in since you need about 25,000 sessions monthly. Apply here.

How much will you make?

Since this is an exclusive and targeted agency you stand to make much more money with Mediavine. For 25,000 sessions you could make between 500-1000$ already in your first month.

Do you have more than 100k page views a month? Apply to AdThrive network.

  • Direct Advertising

If your blog has a specific niche you might consider offer additional space for different advertisers directly. This way different companies can purchase an advertising spot just like you can do in the newspaper.

If you focus on Romania, for example, you can offer a tour company to advertise their service on your site with a banner. I would recommend contacting directly businesses that will benefit from advertising on your site and offering them a spot.