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Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa is the Eilat of Sri Lanka. A place where you can party and sunbathe.

Mirissa is perhaps the most popular seaside town in southern Sri Lanka. The town is located within driving distance From Willigma, Kabbalah (201 Or Onhwatona.

The town has one main beach – Mirissa Beach and a smaller beach – Secret Beach.

Along the beach you will find cute bars and restaurants serving natural juices, Sri Lankan food but also Western Food Great!.

On the other side of the peaceful beach is Xuan Street full of tuktuks and buses but no pavement… After about an hour the market passes and you learn how to walk along the road without getting hit. On the other side of the road, you’ll find a few more cute restaurants and guest houses.

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 What to do and not do in Mirissa

  • Coconut Tree Hill

This small hill and at its end coconut trees and photogens is located about a 10-minute walk from the central beach. The recommended time to visit is at sunset. My tip is to google sunset and go in 40 minutes before  The sunset that the scenery and colors are beautiful even before and that the place begins to fill up towards sunset.

  • Parrot’s Rock

This rock is off the central coast and at low tide the sea just splits in half and you can climb to it. You can get there during the day (some of the time you’ll have to walk in the water depending on the tide) but the best time is at sunrise since then you can see the fishermen returning with their boats to shore.

  • Mirissa Beach

The central beach is cute with pleasant water and although we were in high season it was not as busy as we thought but yes touristy.

  • Secret Beach

If you are looking for a slightly more beautiful and secluded beach the secret beach is the place for you. You have to go a little bit to get to it but it’s worth it.



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Where to eat in Mirissa?

  • Smoothie Bowls

 Shady Lane / Aloha Coffe Gallery / Jus Squeezeme

It’s not really a tourist attraction but the thing I enjoyed doing most in Myrza was eating smoothie bowls to freshen up from the tedious heat! There are plenty of places that offer this pleasure but you will find the best in Lady Lane or Aloh Kofi Galeries. Plus Smodie Bowles, they’ve got great avocado toast. And don’t ask me to choose between the two because they’re both a must to me!

Both restaurants are fully vegetarian and therefore suitable for kosher guards.


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  • Seafood and vegan options in zephyr

This restaurant is perfect for a group dinar with vegan and non-vegan friends. Vegan options include avocado toast at breakfast, baked potatoes and pepper stuffed with beans and rice at lunch and dinner.


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  • Lebanese Food in La La Land

A restaurant with a nice view, low seats and there’s a band that plays. The food is Lebanese so if you kind of miss the house it’s a great solution but consider that the dishes are a bit small. There are also tent accommodation options if you feel like it.

  • Vegetarian Food in Pachamama

A cute little restaurant which was quite empty we arrived and it’s a shame because the food was really good. I ordered vegan pancakes with Sri Lanka’s maple sauce (I don’t remember the name) I really liked. They also have chia puddings and nice bowls.

  • O Cafe Mirrisa – Italian restaurant

Italian restaurant with a wide menu of pasta and pizzas. I ordered pasta in tomato sauce.

  • Nomads cafe in Weligama

It’s worth going there for their menu (15 minutes away). Best vegan dishes I’ve ever had in Sri Lanka.

Their poke ball is amazing. I also ate pancakes with caramelized bananas that were sweet in a crazy but delicious way. If I could, I’d try a few more things out there on the menu.

More excellent restaurants in Sri Lanka have moved toA Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Sri Lanka.

Where should I sleep in Mirissa?

It’s best to stay on the central coast unless you have a moped and then sleep in a slightly more remote place.

We slept in a cute hotel across the road near The Parrot’s Rock I recommend staying away from hotels and guesthouses on the main road because the noise in the mornings is unbearable. Mirissa is the town where you’ll probably go out to parties and get up at 6am with the sound of horns and their “ice cream car” (a tuktok selling bread and playing unbearable music stuck in your head) is a bit tough.

It’s best to stay in the alleyways off the main street. It’s quiet and you’re a short walk to the main beach and restaurants. One of these streets is Beachside Rd. There are many guesthouses and hotels in this alley.

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