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Bloggers Collaboration with hotels- tips and recommendations

What do leading bloggers from all over the world have to say about collaborating with hotels?

Have you always wondered how they do it? Work with fabulous hotels and review them?

Here are some important tips of amazing bloggers I enjoy following:

These tips and recommendations are part of my online course about collaborations with hotels. 

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Helene from  Helene in Between

Helene is an amazing girl that decided at a very young age to move with her husband and dogs from the U.S to Europe and hasn’t stopped traveling since! SHe’s an expert of Instagram growth and got to work with many brands and hotels.

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This is what Helene told me she would have loved to know when she started collaborating with hotels:

“I wish, in the beginning, that I knew the importance of making my pitch personal. Hotels, brands, and companies are being pitched so often these days, you need to make yourself stand out. And truly, the best way to do this is to get personal. Use names, have a specific idea in mind, have a detailed explanation of your services, and most of all, create a connection.”

Ellie from That Ginger Wanderlust

Ellie is a photographer and blogger that has been traveling for 7 months in South East Asia and currently in Australia. She’s a mix of nationalities and in her blog, she shares her experiences as well as photography tips.

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In her blog Ellie wrote a whole post about collaborating with hotels and these were her thoughts when she started working with hotels:

“I originally assumed that brands only cared about your follower count. I have since come to learn that although a large audience definitely helps, there are other factors that hotels consider before deciding to work with a content creator. These being the quality of your content, and any unique talents/skills you may have.”

Here’s a great story that Ellie shared with me that you can learn a lot from:

“One of my friends was able to have a few free nights stay in a luxury hotel in Bora Bora as she is a food stylist and offered to take professional photos of their food, she only had 9k followers on Instagram at the time but was able to offer a different kind of value to the hotel.”

“If you are able to produce exceptional or unique content, I wouldn’t worry too much about your follower count and I would start reaching out to hotels!”

Ellie also shared her personal experience collaborating with hotels:

“I have had nothing but exceptional stays at the hotels I have collaborated with, this has mostly been down to me thoroughly researching the hotels I decided to work with. However, I have sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed by the content I need to produce, especially if the hotel is crowded and even more so if I also plan on producing content outside of the hotel.
In order to avoid this stress, I tend to not have too many collaborations in a row. Remember that by collaborating with a hotel you are not just getting a free stay, you need to work for it!”

Dave from That Travel Blog

Dave started at a really young age… I’ve always been jealous of people like him… but maybe it’s my “old age” complex haha.

Dave has been traveling and working in over 30 countries in the last 4 years … at the age of 18, he realized that the world of social media is a good place for him to settle in and started working in digital marketing agencies.

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A post shared by Dave Weatherall | 25 | Blogger (@thattravelblog) on

Here’s the advice Dave decided would be important for beginners:

“Offer value first. When negotiating your deal, you are likely to be dealing with the marketing team who just want to tick boxes and show they’ve done their due diligence. Or for smaller hotels, you’ll be speaking with owners who want to make sure this is a worthwhile investment. Make their lives easier by answering their questions before they ask them.”

How exactly would you do that?

“List reasons why working with you will benefit their hotel and show, with analytics, how many people they will reach with what you are offering. Back this up with testimonials and a personal, friendly approach in your email and you’ll be onto a winner.”

Want to know more about working with hotels? sign up for my course here!

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